Pet sitters are healthier than boarding

As an owner of two cats, I soon realized that it is very difficult to get them to go into their carrier. It didn’t matter that I bought the most spacious, swankiest carrier that I could find; they still hated going into that carrier no matter what I tried. So, having a pet sitter makes much more sense than trying to take them to the vet for boarding. Pet sitters are an excellent option if your pet does not like to travel or is more comfortable at home. Both of my cats tend to get stressed out if they are moved too much, which causes them to have more hairballs than they normally would.

As Walk ATX Pet Care explains, choosing a pet sitter can be healthier for a pet than a boarding or kennel option. Why is this the case? Staying in a pet’s usual environment eliminates stress from being in a new environment, helps maximize one-on-one attention, and helps maintain normalcy. From my own experience, I can see how much less stressed by cats are when they are in their own environment versus when they are boarded at the vet. Now that both are older, I make the conscious decision to keep them at home so that they are more comfortable because they are accustomed to the surroundings and can receive individualized attention.

Pet sitting seems like a pretty sweet gig. I started to wonder how I could get involved in pet sitting to make some extra money. According to Cathy Rosenthal, a columnist at the San Antonio Express, getting into pet sitting is a breeze since there is no official license needed to become a pet sitter. The job also does not require a lot of experience, although it’s best if you love animals and want to learn more about them.

You can sign up with a number of sites, including Pet Sitters International, to get started. There are also options to take a pet first aid class to prepare yourself for any emergency while pet sitting. Taking this class could help save a pets life.

With Pet Sitters International, you have the option of taking their online course to become a certified pet sitter. While the certification is not a requirement, you may learn quite a bit about pet behavior and health problems as well as the ins-and-outs of running your own pet sitting business.

When setting up your own business, you have to decide how much money you want to charge clients for your time. Walk ATX Pet Care charges between 15 and 18 dollars for a daytime visit and 45 dollars for overnight stays. This service also includes other activities like watering plants, rotating lights, feeding fish, taking out trash, and bringing in mail and/or newspapers daily.

You also need to decide where you want to pet sit. Since 60 percent of Americans own a pet, you might have a thriving business in your own neighborhood. If you want clients to come to you, try signing up with or

Overall, pet sitting is the best option for pets who are anxious and do not like kennels or other boarding establishments. Since so many people have pets, you might consider starting your own pet sitting business to make some extra income.