Auto, Truck, & Motorcycle Accidents

Thirty-three-year-old Joseph Kirsch, who was on his motorcycle when the accident that claimed his life happened, was trying to swerve to avoid an imminent collision with a pickup truck backing out of a driveway in the 2700 block of Steck Avenue in North Austin, Texas at around 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 30, 2015.

Kirsch, however, was not successful in his endeavor. Even though he was wearing his helmet, it was not enough to save him when he put his motorcycle on the side to try to avoid colliding with the pickup truck, which contained a family getting ready to go out for a night of dinner outside in town.

The impact made him fall to the pavement. Kirsch’s death made it the 100th traffic fatality in Austin last year.
This accident is an example of how even though helmets are the most important pieces of motorcycle safety equipment because wearing them can actually lessen the chances of a person acquiring severe head injuries or trauma during collision, with the federal government stating that using a helmet can lessen the chances of death during an accident by around 37%, it is best if motorcycle accidents can be prevented in the first place.

According to the website of the attorneys of the Abel Law Firm, however, sometimes accidents cannot be helped, because from the word itself, an accident is an unexpected occurrence. The least that motorists can do is to be prepared in such an eventuality. They can do so by installing a secure antilock braking system, which prevents the wheels from locking up and thereby lessening the chances of the wheels skidding and the motorcycle falling. Federal regulators say ABS systems prevent crashes by as much as 31%.

It is also important to take note of the type of motorcycle one is riding. Sport motorcycles, which are less powerful and less lightweight than supersports motorcycles, are more prone to crashing. The safest among the three kinds of motorcycles are the standards or cruisers, which are four times as more likely to leave a motorcycle accident victim alive than the two types.